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all cats are beautiful

2019 (madrid, ES)


It’s Siboney’s birthday and she doesn’t appear at all. The previous night, after the police bursted in, she was forced to look for a place to hide and to abandon her friends protection. It was the last time they have seen her. This event cracks San Delfin’s routine, while life is flowing inexorably in a city that is under a new form of siege.


Produced by: Calatea
Directed by: Riccardo Brunetti (Project XX1) & Emanuele Nargi (TerreMoto Performance)

Dramaturgy: Calatea

Performers: Paula Cueto Noguerol , Maialen Diaz, Maria Herrador, Paula Pascual de la Torre, Xabier Artieda, Clara Navarro, Manuel Chacón, Maria Cantero, Pablo Cáceres Blazquez.

Tech coordinator: Roberto Rojas

Scenography: María Sánchez

Tech assistant: David Pouillanges

Poster: Leonora Lax

with the support of Open Society Foundation and in collaboration with Colectivo HETAIRA, AFEMTRAS.