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Immersive experiences have the richest educational potential. By means of a personal involvement, children and youngsters are stimulated through all the senses and playful participation in a imaginary and fantastical world. The national and international experimentations have shown that immersive experiences can be an essential incentive to promote reading, writing, the development of logical and storytelling abilities, relational and collaborative skills in a group. By giving a precise context and motivation, the pupils are stimulated to put into practice what they have learned to interact with the experience itself or to share it with others.


The guest

An immersive adventure


A strange character appears in the school and asks the children for help. An interdimensional portal brought him and part of his world inside the school. The children will visit the portal and will help him to put together the pieces of his story to understand what happened and send him back to his world. The guest will teach them some of the peculiar practices of his world, where words are cultivated like plants. An immersive adventure where the children are the protagonists.



A project for primary schools (3rd and 4th grades), "The guest" is integrated inside the daily school environment as a "fantastic" space.

The project starts by stimulating listening, understanding, discussing and investigative and logical abilities. Aftewards, it adds sensorial exploration, active information search, collaboration in small groups. all proposed following a learning-by-doing approach.

As the experience unfolds, reading and writing skills are developed, through individual and cooperative learning, problem solving and linguistic competences development.

At the conclusion of the experience, the pupils are led through the composition of reports, using different media (artistic, digital, verbal), developing storytelling competences.

Each stage of the experience is built in an inclusive approach, taking care of the full integration of children with special educational needs, including foreign and disabled children.





Introductory workshop on directing addressed to 8-12 years old, weekly

(Ass. Cult. Controchiave, Via Libetta, 1/a, Roma)

by Riccardo Brunetti, Silvia Ferrante, Sandra Albanese, Anna Maria Avella, Costanza Amoruso

The first Italian workshop for young people who desire to be introduced to the art of directing (theatre and cinema). The focus is on some crucial aspects of storytelling, narrative, and staging through playing and immersive theatre methods. The course culminates in a showcase of creations: each participant contributes with an original artwork made of words, images, actions, installations. The workshop is implemented thanks to Project xx1’s scenographic, and technical support.


Storytelling is a fundamental aspect of great expressions of theatre, cinema, and literature. But creating worlds, atmospheres, and dynamics is pivotal to children’s play too.

To transfer such elements from games to artwork was until now a prerogative of drama, directing, and creative writing schools for decades. Today, thanks to immersive theatre tools and processes, we can create a path that  can lead children smoothly from playing to developing narrative skills. An experiential process through every aspect of an artistic creation that touches every relevant aspect of a small work of art. A team of professionals will offer their expertise and help them develop their own first actual creation: playing... seriously.


The course is divided into different units based on immersive experiences - meetings where they will explore actively the elements of a scenic creation:

Make an idea grow: development

Acting: taking a role

Lighting design: revealing with lights

Inhabit and dress the space

Exploring rhythm

Music and atmosphere

Conflict, resolution, tension, and relaxation

Fixing a structure: writing and reading

Modifying a structure: correcting



The Museum of Lost Things (2019)


by Anna Maria Avella and Paola Caprioli


Interactive and original play created by the pupils of the “Tullio de Mauro” Primary School during a year-long workshop


In the middle of the Colli Aniene neighborhood, an area filled with abandoned, lost, and forgotten objects, this odd museum arises. Each tuesday at 5 pm, the famous archeologist Franz Trier carries out his job delivering tens and tens of finds to the owner of the museum Mr Been, who runs it with the precious and expert support of Raul, the guide, and with the help of Tovazzi, the visionary guardian. It is tuesday, and guests are ready... but something starts to go wrong.


Graphics: Roberta Avella, Emiliano Trimarco


Special thanks to Simone Petrucci, co-creator and co-facilitator of "Sinapsi" (2015-2018), yearly workshop to develop the creativity of “Tullio De Mauro” Primary School pupils.