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Creating immersive experiences is based on several disciplines within the performing arts (dance, music, theatre, scenography, lighting design, dramaturgy, costumes, set-up, etc.) used with a specific focus. Training opportunities make participants understand and practice how all these disciplines can be oriented towards creating an experience that grows beyond traditional theatrical boundaries.


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There are different formulas to learn how to use our tools:


Short – Masterclasses or introductive 1-2 days workshops to experiment with the most relevant aspects of immersive experiences.


Medium - Intensive 5-10 days workshops with a final performance open to an audience, where possible.


Long - Annual workshops, once a week, with a final performance open to an audience.


In the years, we developed training courses for different kind of participants:


* Theatre Academies

* Academies of Fine Arts

* Young directors

* Professional actors and scenographers

* Cul.tural workers

* Introductory courses for amateurs

* School teachers



Our tools:

Attention and relation

Sensorial Theatre

One-to-one performance

Performance craft

Scenic writing, interactive dramaturgy and shared space

Physical action in composition and relation

Transmedial storytelling

Physical training

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