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filler incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. 

attòrt' (twisted)

2019 (rome, IT)


Marietta throws a party. We don’t know if she’s just moved in or she is going to move out. Certainly she’s not too well, she needs everyone’s warmth. In this times where communication modalities blew up, interacting with people, especially men from her point of view, is getting more and more complicated: instant messaging with its emoticons, lapidary thoughts sent distractedly, and quick sexting sessions… To establish a deep relationship is nearly impossible.  She asks herself and demands advice from her guests, looking for possible solutions: attempts moved by a vivid enthusiasm that, despite her best efforts, deflates rapidly. She carries in her heart a constant tension between past, what the family taught her, and future, what she desires. A continuous anxiety between “should do” and “want to”. She feels observed and judged by her mother and her grandmother: they don’t leave her alone. A further twist, to answer to “need to”. It would need a recipe, but the notebook, her family’s heritage, is not enough. Squeezed as a mop, Marietta is writhing in a large kitchen - stage of little and big everyday dramas, fortress of the tradition spectres and of the revolutionary forces of innovation. It’s an internal, visceral struggle… Stay with us, Lord.


The focus, all through the pièce, orbits around the protagonist’s internal crack, that is provoked by a controversial binomial. The one between tradition, meant as a life-long process of settling and acquisition of cultural behaviour passed on by the family and the original community since birth, and change, representing what she has learnt by herself, growing up and facing with a society that is constantly changing. The two spokeswomen of past and tradition, her grandmother and her mother, whom she’s constantly comparing herself with, will appear as visions judging her way of living differently from what tradition dictates.


Dramaturgy: Riccardo Brunetti e Anna Maria Avella

Performer: Anna Maria Avella

Tech and set-up: Project xx1

Video: Simone Palma

Costumes: Sandra Albanese

Photo: Ilaria Giorgi Photo&Design

Social media manager: Gabriella Indolfi

Staff: Silvia Ferrante, Sandra Albanese, Emiliano Trimarco, Paola Caprioli, Gabriella Indolfi

Poster: Eugenio Sicomoro

Additional writing: Azzurra Lochi, Elisa Poggelli, Fabiana Reale, Paola Caprioli, Maria I. Trecca, Sandra Albanese, Silvia Ferrante, famiglia Novelli - De Sanctis, famiglia Avella - Sinisi

Directed by: Riccardo Brunetti