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augenblick - the instant of possible

2015/2018 (rome, IT)


Augenblick is a door through time. A time of the past, a time of war. Pierre Sogol has been missing for months. Lisa, however, continues to perceive his presence, to feel his breath. This gives prof. Peeters the idea of exploiting the situation to his advantage but Marie senses that it would be better to wait before jumping into action. Julie is getting lost in the big house, looking further in the past, while Jakob the butler would like to finally lose himself in the freedom he dreams of. For René, the only way is up.


Dramaturgy: Riccardo Brunetti e Emiliano Loria

Director: Riccardo Brunetti

Performer: Adriana Gallo, Adriano Saleri, Alessandro D’Ambrosi, Alfredo Pagliuca, Anna Maria Avella, Chiara Capitani, Costanza Amoruso, Diego Migeni, Eleonora Turco, Elisa Poggelli, Elisabetta Mandalari, Gabriele Carbotti, Marco Usai, Paola Caprioli, Riccardo Brunetti, Sarah Nicolucci, Sandra Albanese, Silvia Ferrante, Sofia Vigliar, Stefano Fregni, Susanna Valtucci.

Staff: Azzurra Lochi, Annalisa Quatraro, Augusto Donati, Allegra Indraccolo, Carlo Tommaso Bassetti, Emiliano Trimarco, Felice David, Gabriella Indolfi, Ilaria Giorgi,Maria Tritto, Marilina Marino, Roberta Avella, Sandra Albanese, Simone Petrucci;

Costume designer: Sandra Albanese;

Tailor: Rosanna Notarnicola;

Black masks coordinator: Augusto Donati;

Set-up coordinator: Anna Maria Avella;

Technical coordinator: Emiliano Trimarco;

Bleeding coordinator:  Alfredo Pagliuca;

Premium coordinator: Anna Maria Avella;

Performer coordinator: Sandra Albanese;

Scenario: Project XX1;

Additional scenario: Ilaria Passabì;

Tech: Project XX1;

Poster: Eugenio Sicomoro;

Graphic design & logo: Project XX1;

Additional graphics: Ilaria Passabì;

Photo and post-production: Ilaria Giorgi;

Video director: Alessandro D’Ambrosi;

Camera: Simone Palma;

Additional performer: Alessandro Londei;

Social Media Manager: Gabriella Indolfi;

Press office: Eleonora Turco.


In collaboration with: Associazione Culturale Controchiave, Teatro Studio Uno.

Photos by Ilaria Giorgi & Luisa Fabriziani

Retroscena reportage
2015 interview

Project xx1 wishes to thank the kind support of the Pierre Sogol Foundation for making possible the production of the experience.