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frequently asked questions

What is an immersive experience?


Do not expect exactly what you are stepping in, as secrecy is one of the essential ingredients. It is functional to the building of the experience by each participant: if you don’t know, you must discover, and what you will find out depends mostly on you.Expect an individual experience. Immersive experiences are built to encourage parting from the group you came with.Do not expect to participate only with eyes and ears (and mind, meaning rational understanding). An immersive experience stimulates aspects of your feeling and perceiving that are generally not touched by other shows.An immersive experience is not a pre-packaged, run-of-the-mill performance, identical for all, as when you go to the movies, for instance. Going to the cinema or watching a traditional theatre show is for us like going to a fixed menu restaurant: someone decided what you and everyone else are going to eat tonight - you can discard something if you want, but your choice is very limited. In an immersive experience you are in front of a buffet, where your choices in a certain moment influence what you are going to taste later, as in a butterfly effect.

You will not have an assigned seat.

The experience starts much earlier and ends much later than the night you participate. Some people feel the need to participate several times, since the experience can be deeply different each time.

You won't have to interact with the experience at all costs. The immersive experience is not a participatory theatre show: the choice about how and how much you are involved is always yours. If you want, you can simply witness what is happening, or accept the invitation to interact.You could not remain your usual self for the whole time.

Why all the mistery?

Because revealing more would ruin the discovery process, that depends on you. We create the world: you have to explore it.


Why can't I find any videos of the experiences?

You can find videos that are connected to the experiences. Video is a documentation form that limits this kind of work: it dictates a point of view on something (the director's) and this is quite distant from the core of an immersive experience. If you want to build up an idea about immersive experiences, better read the accounts of who participated. You can find some video fragments here, here, and here.



What's a Premium experience?

It is a way to participate to an immersive experience that is especially intense and involving, offering unique possibilities, inaccessible to other participants. Premium tickets are usually limited to a few per night.



Is it similar to the performances-labyrinths by Vargas/Dignità Autonome di Prostituzione/Teatro del Lemming/Promenade performances/Fura dels Baus/Single-spectator performances?

No. But these are all beautiful, different experiences!


Can I collaborate with you?


Pourquoi pas? Write us an e-mail or drop us a DM.