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the chance

2021 (rome, IT)

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11 young actors are gathered for a special audition, a once in a lifetime opportunity. But the trials they must face are not only about their skills. You are invited to be part of the jury that will evaluate how much they are willing to change in order to catch the chance of their life.

The Chance is a co-production of xx1 and the Academy "Cassiopea". In a month of intensive work, the third and first year students were introduced to immersive theatre and audience interaction by Riccardo Brunetti, Alessandro D'Ambrosi, Anna Maria Avella, and Sandra Albanese.

In parallel, a large team of dramaturgs, scenographers, sound designers, and light technicians worked to turn the Academy itself in the literal and surreal spaces needed for the action.
The Chance was the final acting test for the third year students.


a production by project xx1 - Accademia d'Arte Drammatica Cassiopea

in collaboration with Controchiave


The Chance

Dramaturgy Alessandro D'Ambrosi Anna Maria Avella Maria Costanza Dolce Riccardo Brunetti Sandra Albanese Silvia Ferrante

Directed by Riccardo Brunetti Alessandro D'Ambrosi

Assistant Director Anna Maria Avella Sandra Albanese

Set-up Coordinator Anna Maria Avella

Costumes Sandra Albanese

Set up Ilaria Passabì Martina Giannico Gianluca Porzio Ismaela Spinelli Alessia Poppa Andreea Bunia Maria Costanza Dolce Sandra Albanese Silvia Ferrante

Stagecraft elements Benedetto Farina

Graphical elements Alessandro D’Ambrosi

Performers Maria Adela Amarandi Hriscu Alessandra Curti Marco De Rose Eleonora Stranges Emanuela Cordova Annachiara Fanelli Maria Grazia Mancino Daniele Mezzasalma Martina Abbruzzetti Isolina Annino Elena Contrino Caterina Pietronudo Costanza Di Berardino Luca Giancamilli Sofia Tangreda

Staff Costanza Di Berardino Luca Giancamilli Caterina Pietronudo Sofia Tangreda Paola Caprioli Emiliano Trimarco

Tech Project xx1

Poster Sicomoro - Gianluca Porzio


Photo Augusto Donati Alessandro D'Ambrosi

In collaboration with the Academy Cassiopea, Controchiave


Special thanks to Donato Marrocco and Irina Mian