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2019 (kaunas, LT)


In the frame of “NAMAS n. 2" Theatre festival, the Lithuanian group, directed by Riccardo Brunetti (Project xx1) and Emanuele Nargi (Terre-moto performance), proposes an immersive experience inspired by the ancient history and atmosphere of the school building V. Bacevičius, older than 100 years. The precious objects found inside, suggested to look at human life through a magnifying glass - travelling from birth to death, full of feelings, passions and experiences.


Directed by Emanuele Nargi e Riccardo Brunetti

Scenography Eglė Dambrauskaitė

Lights Tomas Zinkus

Performers Kristina Švenčionytė, Kamilė Mileikytė, Eva Smoriginaitė, Monika Valentaitė, Martyna Kerpytė, Solveiga Reklaitytė, Miglė Jan


The festival Namas n. 2 is founded by the Lithuanian Culture Council and by Kaunas Municipality.

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