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2020 (online)

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An online immersive experience featuring you as the protagonist. At home.

It develops as a narrative, enjoyable as a movie, playable as a videogame, experienced as a dream.

A dream of a future with cold blood.

What are you waiting for?

Reptilarium is available only in Italian.

With Reptilarium, Project xx1 brings the basic concepts of the immersive experiences in the virtual space that surrounds us on a daily basis.

The result is a revolution of entertainment: an actual virtual and deep experience, a story where the participant is witness and active protagonist of a dystopian future. Reptilarium evades all the traditional definitions: it is not only a story, not only a game, not only a world to explore. Reptilarium is an interactive experience, where the interaction develops in real time: it has performative elements (more than 20 performers contributed to its making), it features game-like elements, cinematic elements and it puts the participant in front of choices, stemming from the interaction with the characters. It is an experience with several hypertextual "branches": this means that it can be re-played with completely different paths.

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a project xx1 production

Reptilarium - the future has cold blood

Dramaturgy Alessandro D'Ambrosi Anna Maria Avella Fabiana Reale Riccardo Brunetti Sandra Albanese Silvia Ferrante

Directed by Alessandro D'Ambrosi Riccardo Brunetti

with Santa de Santis Michele Bevilacqua Emanuele Cerman

featuring Gabriele Carbotti Elisabetta Mandalari Malvina Ruggiano Adriano Saleri Marco Usai


and the participation of Chiara Capitani Elisa Poggelli Martino Fiorentini Anna Maria Avella Riccardo Brunetti Alessandro D'Ambrosi Sandra Albanese Susanna Valtucci Costanza Amoruso Silvia Siravo Silvia Ferrante Fabiana Reale Arianna Brunetti Simone Petrucci Annabella Tedone Carlotta Sfolgori Danilo Frati Stefano Fregni Elisabetta Girodo Angelin Dario Biancone Benedetto Farina Irina Mian Michele Cavallo Jacqueline Sciannella Alessandro D'Ambrosi Sr.



Editing Alessandro D'Ambrosi

Sound design Riccardo Brunetti
Operator Simone Palma

Costumes Sandra Albanese

Digital Strategist Fabiola Ietto

Graphics Ilaria Passabì

Additional graphics Valeria Marzano

Graphic consultant Francesco D'Agrippino

Web consultant Luca Callocchia

Staff Ilenia Lanni Augusto Donati

Gorgon Sicomoro

Media Partner The Parallel Vision

A special thanks to Filippo Donati Nicola Donati Costanza Amoruso Danilo Ferrante